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bearing fix, 50 g

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  • To secure and renew worn out bearings, bushes, axles and threads. ● Resistant to: • heat • vibration • corrosion • water • gas • oil • petrol • carbohydrates • a lot o chemical products ● prevents the blocking of constructive parts

  • Adobe data sheet/info

    Thermal resistance:
    -55°C to 150°C


    150.000 - 900.000 mPa.s

    Gap filling:
    0.30 mm/2”

    15 - 30 min

    Function cohesion:
    3 - 6 hours

    Breaking torsion:
    35 - 45 N/m

    Subsequent torsion:
    10 - 20 N/m

    Use: fills and creates bridges inside the big gaps between worn out metal parts such as casings, bearings, bushes, axles, cases, nuts and in the actuation areas, such as bent axles, distribution axles, clutches, flywheels, etc.

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