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K&D Bonding and sealing paste, 310 ml, black

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  • Monocomponent elastic adhesive and sealing mass, based on polyurethane, which hardens through the dampness in the air. Subsequently can be covered with varnish/paint ● strong adhesion ● long lasting elasticity ● resistant to vibrations ● can be varnished ● silicone free ● is not corrosive ● resistant to bad weather conditions and ultraviolet rays

  • Adobe data sheet/info

    Thermal resistance:
    -30°C to +80°C

    Film forming:
    1 - 3 hours

    4 mm /24 hours

    Breakage torsion:
    > 250%

    Hardness Shore A:

    Use: Wide bonding range on surfaces such as simple, roughed in and varnished plate steel, aluminium, stainless steel, ABS, GFK, PU-RIM, polycarbonate, soft PUR, strong PUR, strong PVC, wood, glass, e.g. for metal construction works, bath joining with great solicitations, bonding of vibrating parts in bodywork and container construction.

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