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Our filter bags are made ​​of polyamide monofilament . By heat-setting a clear defined pore opening size ( mesh) is obtained , the values ​​given are absolute values. The required fineness depends on the particle size, that should be held back, the usual mesh sizes is between 30 - 1000 µm. Our filter bags consist of PA 6.0, are rectangular and have a seam tape for reinforcement and a strap for fastening.
Filter bags are used where no filter housing is available or for small batches where a reconstruction of the filtration unit is not worthly. The bags are tied under the spout and can be cleaned after the filtering process and can be used again in most cases.
If you need special sizes or cut for the filterbags, the material itself and / or assemble , we supply the appropriate or desired meter rolls on request.
Our bags made of Polyamid-monofilament were successfully tested by the European regulatory regarding the contact with food - corresponding certificates are available.
size 15x25 cm
size 15x25 cm
size 15x45 cm
size 15x45 cm

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