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gear type pump, 12V, 1-5 bar, 54 l/h

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  • This gear typ pump has an integrated overflow terminal besides the suction and pressure sides. Using an adjusting screw (under the cap nut), the desired pressure can be set in a range of 1-5 bar. For this the lock nut is loosened and the adjusting screw is screwed in for increasing the pressure. If the adjusted pressure is exceeded, the integrated overflow valve opens and protects the fuel system and the pump against damage.

    The gear typ pump should be installed before the main filter reasonably.
    The fuse protection of the power supply should be max. 3 ampere. To prevent contamination of the installation a prefilter BEFORE the gear typ pump is required.

    The gear typ pump has 3 connectors: suction and pressure side and overflow, each 1/8 inch (9.73 mm) internal thread. We offer a large selection of hose connectors for this pump, so that you can use hoses of 8-12 mm ID.
    Due to their own weight gear typ pumps should be securely fastened on the vehicle. We recommend our clamp as-50.

    Included in delivery is an impermeable to splash-water, bolted-type connector (pin assignment: 1 = positive, 2 = earth).

  • Adobe data sheet/info

    1100 g

    220 mm

    diameter of the pump body:
    53 mm

    3 x G1/8 inch (9.73 mm) internal thread

    pump capacity:
    54 l/h

    suitable fuse:
    3 amps

    degree of protection:
    IP 54

    current draw:
    ca 2 A

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