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sealing wire, 175 m

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  • Unique sealing wires for threads 100% polytetrafluorethylen (P.T.F.E) to seal threaded connections of metal and synthetic material, length 175 m.
    ● at the bonding of threaded connections a film of P.T.F.E. is forming exactly with the necessary strength and fit for every pipe diameter
    ● unlimited durability
    ● resistant to almost all chemicals, liquids, oils, thinners, gases and acids
    ● thermal resistance from -200┬░C up to +240┬░C
    ● does not ignite and does not burn
    ● always remains smooth and mouldable
    ● appropriate for threaded connections from solar installations
    Use: can be used for all types of threads, both for metal and synthetic material, home (water and gas), industry, thermal and sanitary installations

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