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silicone seal MATIC SD, 200 ml, black

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  • Monocomponent silicone, with long lasting elasticity, based on polysiloxan, to be used in the areas with extreme temperatures. Seals metal pieces (aluminium, cast iron, steel, etc.), synthetic materials, glass, ceramics and wood, for example oil valves, faucet caps, water, oil pumps, rack-wheel cap, differentiated seals, battery bodies, lights, anterior lights, protection bodies, thermostat bodies, gear oil valves, gear bodies, body caps of steering wheels, gear coverings, etc. ● elastic and with a stable form for a long period of time ● long lasting sealing ● creates differentiated connections on large areas with gaps ● resistant to water, salt water, oil, fat, cleaning products, hydrocarbons, washy acids and to lye washes and to many other chemicals ● resistant to light, ultraviolet rays and to weather conditions ● thinner free

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    Base substance:
    Polysiloxan, acetatvernetzend

    Thermal resistance:
    -50°C to +250°C

    Film forming:
    approx. 6 min

    approx. 1.5 mm/24hours

    Breaking torsion:
    > 400%

    Hardness Shore A:
    approx. 20°

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