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universal filter head, flat version

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  • universal filter head, vertical mounting

    included in delivery incl. 2 blind plugs M14, 2 aluminum washers M14, ventilations screw with washer

    Suitable fuel filters: ff-vw, ff-kurz, ff-lkw
    To this filter head the following heating devices fit perfectly:
    - mono-heiz-flach, electrical filter heating device or
    - wt-eckes, strong heat exchanger operating with coolant liquid.
    To assembly the wt-eckes to the filter head, the adapter wt-huelse and the washer wt-eckes-dr are essentially required.
    Regarding hose connectors: in the subcategory "filter head-connectors" you can find a wide variety of hose connectors sets, banjo, bolts, double banjo boltes, etc.

  • material:

    220 g

    35 mm

    110 mm

    89 mm

    M14x1,5 inside thread (3x)

    M14x1,5 inside thread (1x)

    distance fixing holes:
    45 mm

    ovale drillings:
    16 x 11 mm

    central connecting srew
    for the filter:
    M16 x 1.5

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