[Model: tank-2010]


All portable tanks will be delivered with the following scope of supply:

- feeding line
- big filler neck with cap

Feeding line: the standard hose connector fits to hoses with 8 mm ID. You can choose several hose connectors with other dimensions ranging from 8 - 12 mm. You can find those parts in the subcategory "Additional tank/connections".
Ventilation: the manufacturer supplies a ventilation only by a small screw in the center of the filler cap. For inside use in vehicles this ventilation is not appropriate, therefore we supply a ventilation connection which can be inserted in the center of the filler cap by replacing the respective screw (te-1-8-4). We supply this ventilation connection by using the ventilation connection te-1-8-4, the respective hose s-pa-4 and a heavy duty seal of the filler cap tank-v-blau.
Assembly/mounting: The small budget solution can be realized by 2 x lashing device (zurr-oese) and 1 x lashing strap (zurr-gurt). The tank has a horizontal functioning - if you want to use this tank in a vertical position, please add the suction pipe tank-vert-2010 additionally.
Quick connector: to get the tank-2010 quickly out of the car, we recommend the quick connector tank-sv.

Technical Info

material:Eltex (PE-HD), suitable for gasoline, diesel and veggie oil
weight:1.4 kg
volume:12 L
length:170 mm
width:280 mm
height:400 mm
connection feeding line:thread 1/4 inch (13.16 mm), standard hose connector = 8 mm

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