[Model: w124-lima-70-st]


Alternator for W124, early version with plug connection, 70 Ah

The early alternators have a plug connection and differ from the late version which have screwed connections. A quick glance into the engine compartment, driving direction on the right, is enough to see if the alternator has a plugged cable connection with a safety clip. If the charging voltage of the alternator is insufficient, the main suspect is always the alternator regulator. This can be replaced by the w124-lr-70. However, if this is not sufficient because the alternator has been damaged, e.g. defective diode plates, run-in armatures, winding defect, bearing damage, etc., it can be replaced at a reasonable price. We deliver the alternator, 70 Ah, in proper reproduction quality as a replacement for all alternators up to 70 Ah.

Tip 1: Check the alternator regulator first: if its carbon brushes are long enough, it is advisable to replace the complete alternator.

Tip 2: Before ordering parts, the complete belt drive should be checked, as the belt is often neglected and the belt tensioning device is a heavily loaded wear part. In order to optimize the repair on the alternator, all necessary wearing parts can be replaced in one go when the belt is removed. You should:

- Check ribbed belt for aging, cracks, break-outs
- Check tension pulley for bearing play and damage
- Check belt damper for function and worn out receptacles
- Check the clamping lever for bearing damage (play, jerking)
- Check the cover of the tension lever and tension pulley for proper seating and damage.

Technical Info

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