[Model: am-mk]


With the assembly cone our flexible axle boot am-mi-set can be expanded from 20 mm to ca. 100 mm. The mounting is as follows:
1. Measure the diameter of the axle shaft
2. Cut off the rubber sleeve at the corresponding diameter.
3. Measure the large diameter of the drive shaft joint.
4. Cut off the appropriate diameter at the axle boot sleeve.
5. Apply oil on the assembly cone and impose it on the axle boot (if the temperate is very low, warming of the axle boot sleeve is very helpful).
6. Slide the assembly cone with the large opening on the joint and strip the sleeve.
7. Afterwards mount the clamps for the small and large diameter.
diameter bottom: 3.4 cm
diameter top: 10.6 cm
length: 30 cm

Technical Info

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