[Model: kv-msv-1-8ia]


Universal ball valve with Teflon seal for water, fuels, etc. One side has a 1/8 inch (8.6 mm) thread, the other side a 1/8 inch (9.73 mm) outer thread.
This ball valve can be screwed in the reinforced spot at the body of the cartridge filter case df-g-10 by inserting a corresponding 1/8 inch screw thread. So when changing the filter element, the oil can be drained from the filter and unnecessary spills are avoided.
For screwed fastenings both for water and for fuel we recommend the thread seal p-85175.

Technical Info

length:39 mm
height with handle:36 mm
width:23 mm
body:chromed brass
ball:brass nickel plated
temperature range:-10 bis +90 Celsius

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