[Model: w124-bl-vl-abs]


Brake line front left for all W124 with ABS.
In the area of the wheel arch, the brake lines are exposed to road salt and spray water. As a result, they are often heavily corroded and should be replaced in the event of rust attack. If the brake hoses have to be replaced, the corroded screw connection of the line to the brake hose must be loosened. Often the cap screw tears off from the line, which is why we recommend ordering the brake line BEFORE replacing the brake hoses.

We supply the brake line in a non-rusting design (Kunifer), flanged on both sides and with non-rusting compression fittings (tinned brass). Our lines - like the replacement lines at Mercedes - are not pre-bent, but they can be bent quite excellently - no comparison to the coated steel lines.

The brake line is available individually (front left in driving direction) as well as in a set.

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