[Model: w124-bl-lang]


long brake tube at the underbody of W124 sedan,coupe and convertible and station wagon, without ASR.
The brake tubes at the rear axle are exposed to road salt and splash. Thus they are often heavily corroded and you should inspect them regularly when you work on the brake system.
We support you with brake tubes in a non-stainless version (Kunifer), flanged on both sides and with non-rusting cap screws (tinned brass).
Our tubes are - like the spare tubes from Mercedes - not pre-bent, but they can be bent easily - no comparison to the coated steel tubes.
You can buy the brake tubes both single (long piece at the underbody) and in a set.
The long tube has two separating points preset by the manufacturer:
- front, at the connecting sleeve below the bulkhead
- back, at the distributor Tee above the rear axle

Technical Info

suitable for: W124 sedan, coupe and station wagon, without ASR
not suitable for: for vehicles with ASR (anti-slip regulation)

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