[Model: w124-knz-u]


pad for clutch slave cylinder for W124, 201, 202 and 210.

All vehicles of the above series with manual transmission have a hydraulic clutch actuation, consisting of the master cylinder on the clutch pedal and the slave cylinder on the transmission. If the clutch pedal falls on the floor plate after pedalling and no longer returns automatically, one of the two cylinders is defective. Due to the manageable budget and the age of the components, as well as the time and work of the ventilation, the exchange of both cylinders is recommended. Since the vehicle is no longer ready to drive in the event of a defect in the clutch hydraulics, you should stock both cylinders or their repair kits (w124-kgz-rep and w124-knz-rep) for reasons of operational reliability.

The clutch slave cylinder is screwed to the gearbox housing with a plastic pad. Its plastic is brittle after > 25 years and often breaks, therefore it is recommended to order the pad to ensure the correct installation depth of the clutch slave cylinder.

Technical Info

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