[Model: w124-lh-nb]


The fuel pipes, interior trim of the wheel housing, rear brake pipe holders, hydraulic fluid pipes and covers, e.g. fuel pump, ASD valve, etc. are screwed to the coarse thread rivet bolts with plastic nuts. These were attached to the body sheet during the production by means of spot welding. After > 25 years, the rust has so heavily acted on these coarse threaded rivet bolts that they either tear apart in the dismantling process or are too weak for re-assembling the components.

Exclusively at Monopoel you can order these coarse thread rivet bolts for riveting!

They are made of high-strength steel (8.8), the surface is tempered with ZnNi (at least 6 μm), colorless passivated and sealed. Our coarse threaded rivet bolts are tested and approved by the leading automotive manufacturers for use in current vehicle production.
br> By means of the riveting method, these bolts are inserted into a 7 mm bore, but a special riveting tool and an adapter (special design) are required. Since even the DB offices do not have such a tool, there are two alternatives:

   a) You bring your vehicle to us and we use our special tool to insert the coarse threaded rivet bolts into the desired places or
   b) You order our coarse threaded repair solution w124-lh-nbset.

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