[Model: w124-atw-fb-25]


convoluted rubber gaiter for drive shaft 25 mm

The gauter protects the joint from water and dirt and ensures that the grease remains in place.

Of course, the gaiter should be replaced if it is damaged. It is also a good idea to remove the old gaiter when the drive shaft is removed and check whether the bearing surface of the cuff is rusty. Over the years, small amounts of water have penetrated under the cuff and left the drive shaft corrode unnoticed at this point. The notch effect of the rust can lead to spontaneous breakage of the drive shaft. Almost all vehicles with broken drive shafts had this subsurface corroding.
At this opportunity, the drive shaft joint should be carefully cleaned and re-greased.

The gaiter fits both on the wheel side and on the side towards the differential.

For drive shafts with 30 mm diameter you need our product w124-atw-fb-30.

Technical Info

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