[Model: w124-ml-6z-oe]


We offer the engine mounting in original quality from the manufacturer Boge.
The engine mounts settle during prolonged use, causing the vibrations of the engine to transfer unpleasantly to the body. This is noticeable by the drumming noise in the interior and strong vibrations, especially at low revs.

Please note: there are many cheap engine mounts available on the aftermarket with very different qualities that cannot be checked in advance. Within a few weeks we had received from a supplier an acceptable quality, a moderate quality and useless trash, which lasted only a few months. Since we don't want to work with unreliable qualities, we have completely changed to the highest quality (original equipment quality). OE-items have their price, but we are of the opinion that it is worth it.

Technical Info

mounting position:on both sides

suitable for:W124 all 6-cylinder Diesel and gasoline
reference:1242401917, 1242402117, 1242402217

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