[Model: w124-gs-1264100415]

flexible disc for W124 / W201.
The flexible disc transmits the torque of the gear to the cardan shaft and thereby wears first. Worn bushings of the flexible disc are noticeable by clacking/percussive noise when starting or during load changes. The flexible disc should be replaced quickly, otherwise the gear output shaft may be damaged and in the worst case, the gear itself may be damaged.
To remove unscrew the center mount of the cardan shaft and loose the screwing of the cardan shaft. After removing the screws in the flexible disc, the cardan shaft can be pushed back and the new disc can be inserted. We deliver the flexible disc together with the mouting material.
If you are not sure, please type in your chassis number for verification.

mouting position:
cardan shaft front/rear

150 mm

number of holes:

hole circle-diameter:
110 mm

suitable for:
W124, W201
To insure that you get the right item for your vehicle: Please check the OEM number on the basis of the vehicle identification number (VIN).

OE-Nr: 1264100415, 1264110215