fuel fine filter corr. WK842/2 (Mann+Hummel)

model: ff-vw


fuel fine filter analog zu WK842/2 (Mann-Hummel), Alco SP-966, fitting to VW, Opel, etc
this filter fits to all filter heads from our product range and additionally to the WT-Eckes.

This filter fits to all filter heads of out delivery programm, and to the heat exchanger wt-eckes and the electrical heating device mono-heiz-flach.
Note: this filter is used in a variaty of cars. Please check wether this low-priced filter can be used in your car here.

Technical Info

Attention: When using a filter heater device the plastic clip (see arrow) has to be removed - otherwise the filter can not be tightened.
filter material:paper
weight:400 g
length:158 mm
diameter:81 mm
connection:M16 x 1.5 inside thread
inner diameter sealing ring:61 mm
outer diamter sealing ring:70 mm
drainage plug:yes

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