[Model: vor-12v-10]


fuel pump, 12 V, with 10 mm hose connectors

This fuel pump is typically used in passenger cars where you need fuel supply with low pressure and without any pressure regulation. We provide the warranty for Diesel use only.
If you need higher pump flow/more pressure you should use gear type pumps.

The fuel pump should be mounted behind a prefilter and in front of a fine filter.
Allways use a 3-A fuse and a prefilter IN FRONT OF fuel pump to protect the fuel pump.

The fuel hoses s-kr-10 or s-pa-10 fit to the hose connectors.

Technical Info

data sheet/info

weight:502 g
depth:61 mm
height:73 mm
width:47 mm
width (inkl. fastening plate):81 mm
distance of fixing hole:65 mm
pump flow:max. 128 L/h (Diesel)
suction head:max. 0,3 m
Ampere:ca. 1,2 Ampere
pressure:max. 0,48 bar
connectors:2x internal thread NPT 1/8 inch (0,32 cm)

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