[Model: tank-geber-uni]


fuel sender unit for all fixed tanks
Robust float tank sensor, special design for all Monopoel fixed tanks.

This robust fuel sender unit can be used for all tanks with a construction height of 10 cm to 63 cm, since the float is adjustable and the distance of the pivot point of the float arm can be varied several times.

This means that this tank sensor can be used for almost any tank (with the exception of portable tanks), also for other tanks from other manufacturers or self-constructed tanks.

Due to the robust design, the tank-geber-uni has a considerable advantage over the well-known immersion tube tank sensors, whose construction-related inlet bore in vegetable oil operation often clogs/glues.

> The fuel gauge tank-uhr-uni-12v or tank-uhr-uni-24v fits to this fuel sender unit.

The parts for the electrical connection, such as cable and tank control lamp can be found under "Electrics".


Technical Info

data sheet/info

How to mount the tank sensor ? You will find a printable installation instruction under "Data sheet/Info".

weight:421 g
material:Steel, chromated
length (total as supplied):270 mm
length (encoder):360 mm
width (bottom):40 mm
diameter (top):71 mm
height of mounting plate incl. electrical contacts:22 mm
resistance value empty:10 Ohm
resistance value full:180 Ohm

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