[Model: w124-brsa-d-h]


Technical Info

mounting position:brake calliper, rear axle, both sides
reference:OE-Nr: 000 420 0144
suitable for:all W201, 190er, YOM 10.1982-08.1993
C-class W202 sedan, only for C180, C220,
C200D, C220D and
C250D, up to chassis number: A419828/F443892
diverse W124, only sedan and cars without ASR
petrol car 200E, E200, 220E, E220, 230E, 260E, 280E,
E280, 300E, E300
Diesel: 200D, E200D, 250D, E250D, 300D, E300D,
300 Turbo-D, E300 Turbo-D

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