[Model: esd-db-komplett]


KCA27S55 plus DN0SD265, 115 bar
This nozzle assembly is a spare part for Mercedes type W124 (2-valve-type without Turbo), W201 and other Mercedes after 12/1988. Please take a look at the usage list.

For Mercedes with Turbo the Turbodiesels were originally equipped with the same nozzle holder bute different nozzles (esd-314). Please let us now your requirements - we can deliver KCA27S55 nozzle holders assembly with esd-314 too.

This nozzle guarantees Diesel-like starting of the engine.

For the assembly the socket key for injection nozzles w-dn-27 is essentially required.
With the cleaning fluid z-r-brems the working area can be cleaned in advance.

Note: When replacing a nozzle assembly new flame arrester plates fss-uni are required. Please order 1 flame arrester plate per nozzle assembly.
Please check the reference list (s. datasheet), whether this nozzle was originally built in your car.

To ensure that we receive your used nozzle parts back, we charge a deposit of 35 Euro per nozzle holder. After receiving your used parts in acceptable unbroken undamaged condition, we return the deposit inbetween one day.

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