[Model: p-94229]


The PETEC KRAFTKLEBER adhesive is a very valuable monocomponent adhesive and sealing material. It is appropriate for safe, durable and dynamically solicited seals for building of bodies, vehicles and containers for car building, conveyors and special motor vehicles, for construction of containers and machines, watercrafts and boats, and many others.
● High elastic and dynamic resistance
● High initial resistance
● great bonding scope
● Excellent sealing features
● Can be varnished over
● Silicon, dissolvent, isocyanine free
● Aging, weather conditions, ultraviolet radiations and waterresistant
● Reduces vibrations

Technical Info


base substance:MS-Polymer
thermal resistance:–40°C to +100°C
film forming:10-15 min.
hardening:3.0 mm in 24 hours
hardness shore A:60°

Use: Used for cars, for instance for protection boxes for the wheel’s gearshift, spoilers, lateral and anterior wall, gender, the floor of the car, the floor of the trunk, the floor in the passenger area, seams of the front and lateral spoilers, welt sealing, tank holders and others. Also it can be used for montage bonding on rock, concrete, gypsum, PVC, synthetic materials, flagstones, metal, wood, glass and many others.

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