[Model: p-97425]


To fill and smooth the cracks, holes, holes wrongly pierced, cavities and also to repair pipes, tanks, threads, bodywork and car components. Usable for works on iron, steel, cast parts, aluminium, alloys, ceramics, concrete and wood. LIQUID METAL dispenses automatically the appropriate mixture ● resistant to water, petrol, oil, alcohol and many others ● after hardening (30 min.) there can be a splinting processing, manually or with the use of machines, such as piercing, milling, threading, grinding and saw cutting.

Technical Info

data sheet/info

Thermal resistance:up to max. +120°C
Processing (processing time):4 min
Hardening:30 min
Shear resistance:after 15 min. 1 N/mm2
after 1 hour 10N/mm2
after 3 days 25 N/mm2

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