[Model: w124-kwl-30]


Cardan shaft bearing with swivel head, inner diameter 30 mm.
For 280E, E280, 300D, E300TD, 300E, 300TurboD, TurboD E300, 320E, E320.
For W126: 260SE, 300SE, 420SE, 500SE, 560SE
Worn cardan shaft bearing become often noticeable by drone in the drive train. Under the vehicle, this can be easily located by turning and shaking the cardan shaft.
The disassembly is quite easy: loose the clamping screw at the cardan shaft, knock off the old mounting from the cardan shaft, press on new mounting, assemble cardan shaft and tighten.
OE-Nr: 1244100281, 1244100781, 124410078151

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