[Model: p-94131]


Monocomponent seam sealing which can be sprayed or applied using a brush to recreate the original structure. ● can be sprayed or applied using a brush ● thinner-free (after complete drying without the contraction of the material) ● can be varnished over immediately after application (wet on wet) ● after drying it durably keeps its elasticity: Minimizing the formation of cracks in the varnish. Excellent protection against falling objects. Resistant to mechanical deterioration ● wide range of adherence: Bonding to almost all the surfaces without applying primer. Ensures durable connections

Technical Info

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Thermal resistance:-40°C bis to +90°C
Film forming:approx. 15 min
Hardening:3 mm after 24 hours, 5 mm after 48 hours
Breakage torsion:250%
Hardness Shore A:40°

Use: For a durable elasticity sealing, with high adherence and to recreate the original structure after repair works after accidents, such as: in the area of the motor ignition room • in the trunk • the floor area • fenders • and at all the overlaid connection seams

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