[Model: p-98325]

Viscous adhesive with 2 components, fast hardening, polyurethane based, with excellent bonding, developed especially for many types of synthetic materials (among others PUR, PP, TPO, RIM, TPUR).
● excellent bonding
● simple, clean handling
● does not drop, mouldable
● extremely rapid hardening and fast further processing such as filing, drilling and thread processing



Base substance:
2K - Polyurethane

Thermal resistance:
-40°C to +140°C


Processing time:
1 min

5 min

20 min

Shear resistance:
6894 kPa

Use: repair works and structural bonding, such as broken parts made of synthetic material, synthetic material wadding and synthetic material cases, shock absorber, sport seats, spoilers, lamp holders, top grids,radiator grids, catching devices, auto industry, construction of bodyworks and cars, construction of machines, recipients and forms, gap, cracks and joints filling, also metal, wood, rock, concrete and glass. Bonding on large surfaces, cavity filling.