[Model: p-94070]


Adhesive and sealing material with a base of polymer Ms. Appropriate for indoor and outdoor bonding and also for the sealing of joints and seams. Universal range of bonding.
POWER FiX is excellent at bonding many materials such as wood, metal, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, porcelain, enamel, synthetic material and many others.
● high quality initial bonding and final resistance
● can cover free spaces of up to 20 mm
● free of dissolvent and isocyanine
● resistant to weather conditions and aging
● scent-free
● appropriate for Styropor
● can be painted
● can be used vertically and horizontally

Technical Info


base substance:MS Polymer
Thermal resistance:-40°C to +100°C
Film forming:10 - 15 min.
Hardening:3.0 mm in 24 hours
Hardness Shore A:60°

Use: cars, boats and trailers, bodyworks and metallic constructions, home, kitchen and bathroom, bonding of panels, wooden poles, wooden benches, tapes and insulation material in construction works, closing joints, insulation in vitrifications, universal putties for cracks and unequal surfaces

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