[Model: p-98525]


High quality universal adhesive with 2 base components
● Excellent adherence on metal, synthetic material and many other materials
● Fast hardening ● Can be grinded, painted
● High resistance to traction, shear and friction
● Excellent resistance against chemicals, petrol, water, heat and shock effects
● Can be used both indoors and outdoors

Technical Info


Thermal resistance:-40°C to +120°C
Color:white grey/light yellow (combined)
Viscosity:45 Pa.s
Processing time:3 min
Stability:6 min
Hardening:12 hours
Shear resistance:22 N/mm2
Combination ratio:1 : 1 (volume)

Use: Creation of bodies and vehicles (e.g. bumpers, radiators, lightening, handles, console pieces, spoilers, fixation of telephones and speaker), metallic works, synthetic materials technique, wood processing, building of fair shelves, building of models, electrical engineering, interior design, fixation technique, car building and much more.

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