[Model: skp-bma]


power drill pump, self-priming, max. 32l/min, 20 mm nozzle
This pump is mainly used on the way and where no electricity is provided, because you can run this pump with a cordless screwdriver.
The side channel pump is ideal for intertank transfer of water, oil and many other liquids (see list). It is safe to run dry and self-priming after first filling. Without changing the hoses you can switch the pumping direction by switch actuation.
Despite of the compact design and low speed, this pump gaines an extremely high power output.

Technical Info

data sheet/info

weight:1.17 kg
depth:65 mm
width:125 mm
height:104 mm
connections:3/4 inch to 3/4 inch thread
max. Media temperature:90° Celsius
suction:self-priming up - after initial filling - to 6 m height
approved media:diesel, vegetable oil, lubricating oil, soap, water and
bronze compatible liquids (density max 1.1 g/cm3)

lifting height:max. 20 m
capacity, measured with water: 12 l/min at 1 m lifting height and 1400 rpm
17 l/min at 1 m lifting height and 1900 rpm
32 l/min at 1 m lifting height and 2900 rpm

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