[Model: vf-hp]


Long-lasting preliminary filter, the comfortable solution

incl. fastener, filter tissue made of metal, glass bowl, with manual pump. The manual pump allows the filling of the feeding line, prefilter, heat exchanger and fuel filter. You will never run into trouble when starting an engine after changing the fuel filter.

Typical use as
- standard prefilter for fuel
- for the optical control of fuel purity
- for the protection of fuel pumps
All prefilters are designed to be used IN FRONT of heat exchangers, pumps,etc for protecting all parts of the fuel system.
The assembly of prefilters BEHIND heat exchangers, fuel pumps,etc does not make any sense and can lead to damage of the prefilter.
Suitable hose connections are provided in the category "prefilter -connections".

Technical Info

material:Aluminium (filter head), glass (filter bowl), metal (filter tissue)
weight:441 g
length:150 mm
width:84 mm
depth:135 mm (160 mm when pump is extended)
connectors: inletM14 x 1.5 inside thread
connectors: outletM14 x 1.5 inside thread
fastening plate:69 x 59 mm (HxB)
fixing hole:d=8 mm, distance=39 mm
nominal mesh size:200 - 300 µm

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