[Model: w124-fesp-set]


pressure reservoir for level control, all W124, all YOM (fits for W210 E-Class too).
At the W124 station wagon the level control is built in serially, at sedans and coupes it was available as an optional equipment.
The pressure reservoirs - also referred to as Bull eggs - have a rubber membrane and a nitrogen filling. Age-related the gas cushion escapes or the membrane rips. Due to this the damping characteristic of the level control is lost, the car runs "tough", uncomfortable and road bumps are directly and undamped passed to the body.
The set consists of:

2 x pressure reservoirs w124-fesp-p the pressure reservoirs are brand quality
2 x M16 banjo bolt hs-m16 The original banjo bolts have a hexagonal socket and due to heavy rust damage they are unusable after removal mostly after removal. We supply them in a solid hexagonal version.
4 x flat washers al-m16 The flat washers of the banjo bolts should be renewed every time. We supply those in aluminum.
2 liters special hydraulic oil for leveling zh-m When you open the pressure reservoirs, hydraulic oil leaks out, because the system is still under pressure. For refilling the system, we provide a total of 2 liters zh-m.
6 x nut M6 m-m6-svz To replace the pressure reservoirs the banjo bolts have to opened, which are under pressure why plenty of hydraulic fluid is leaking.

Technical Info

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