[Model: w124-kgz-rep]


The repair kit for clutch master cylinder consists of:.

- pressure rod
- hydraulic cylinder with seals
- dust cover
- rubber seal and
- lock ring.

The clutch in the W124 is hydraulically operated, the most frequent failures are caused by a leak in the clutch slave or master cylinder.
If the clutch slave cylinder or master cylinder is worn out, the clutch pedal can drop to the body floor when pressed - and does not return.
Disassembling and fitting with new seals is easy and does not take longer than 10 minutes when working thoroughly. We therefore recommend that you stock up on a repair kit for both clutch cylinders so that the spare part is immediately available in case of a defect. Otherwise, the vehicle will remain in place because it is no longer ready to drive with a defective clutch cylinder.

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