repair set for front rear axle support



repair set for the front rear axle support
The set consists of:

1 x repair panel left (w124-haa-l)
1 x repair panel right (w124-haa-r)
2 x threaded plates (w124-haa-gwp)
1 x front rubber pot bearing set (w124-topf-set-v)

One of the few weak points at the W124 is the front rear axle. The axle is sealed by a thick layer of PVC underbody coating and paint, however it rusts by infiltration of the underbody protection exceedingly.
If the rear axle is already demolished/rusted, you can notice that by knocking at load changes. If the rear axle is not yet ripped, you can not detect any symptoms.
The corresponding threaded plates (w124-haa-gwp) are only available from the series W201 and has to be slightly shortened before you can weld them.

The front rubber pot bearings should be replaced always because they are either teared during the disassembly or already heavily worn. The replacement of the front pot bearings would be appropriate, due to the rear axle being released already so that the mouting place is accessible easily.

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