[Model: w124-nr-rep]


Repair kit for 6 mm pipes of level control, all W124, all years of manufacture and also W140, W201, W202

The W124 station wagon the level control is standard equipment, in sedans and coupes it was an optional equipment.
The feeding and return lines of the level control consist of 6 mm steel pipe which end up at the level regulator in the area above the rear axle. This is exactly where all the lines are extremely heavily rusted and rusted through in many cases. We supply a repair kit made of non-rusting Kunifer pipes.
We supply a repair kit, which allows you to easily repair the corroded pipes without expensive special tools.
The repair kit consists of:

2 x Kunifer pipes bl-600-x the Kunifer pipes have a length of ca 1.30m and one side provides a flanging.
2 x cap screws bl-600-121-f two cap screw fitting to the threads in the level controller.
2 x pipe connectors v-rvs-a6
2 liter special hydraulic oil for level control zh-m When opening the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil leaks due to the system still being under pressure. For refilling the system we deliver a total of 2 liters zh-m.

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