[Model: w124-swp-rv]


The wiper flui system of all W124 as of 1986 includes an electrically heated wiper hose, electrically heated nozzles and a Y-piece with integrated return valve. The hose and nozzle heating becomes brittle over the years and it very often leads to smouldering or cable fires if the conducting wires come into contact with the wiper fluid surrounding them or are short-circuited. This can result in small fires, which can damage the paint on the hood and lead to panic on the part of the owner :)

If you do not want to purchase the very expensive heated wiping hose, you can solve this problem permanently by pulling off the heated hose and replacing it with the following components:

- 3 m unheated wiper hose s-pvc-4
- 1 x Y-piece y-k-4
- 1 x return valve w124-swp-rv.

The hose heating and the heating of the nozzles is useful for arctic conditions, in our temperate zone the antifreeze in the wiper fluid is completely sufficient. The already perfect heating of the wiper liquid by the immersion heater through which the cooling water flows, makes the electrical auxiliary heaters obsolete.

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