[Model: w124-ufs-sr]


The underride protection (also called engine encapsulation) is screwed into a car body-side bracket with a special hexagon head sheet metal tapping screw. These brackets are often worned out or they are completely missing. To ensure that the underride protection is not inadvertently detached from the body or breaks by a loose screw fitting, you should take care of a proper condition of the retaining clip.

Removing and installing is simple: levering off the old bracket with a screwdriver, press the new retaining clip into the rectangular body opening.

The use of standard screws plus large diameter washers is possible, but it is cumbersome - we do not recommend this.

We supply the hexagon head screw with pressed in large diameter washer in original quality, the corresponding retaining clips are w124-ufs-kl.

For each vehicle, 10 screws and accordingly retaining clips are needed on the motor and gearbox side.

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