[Model: w124-std-set-v]


The shock absorbers are typical wear parts. Used shock absorbers stand out due to their spongy handling. If you want to know exactly, you can check the quality of the shock absorbers when dismantled:
1. press the piston rod several times in the mounting position for at least 100 mm
2. make a mark 84 mm above the housing with a marker
3. place the shock absorber on a scale and push the piston rod up to the marking
4. in new condition: 25 +- 3kg, minimum value 14 kg

We supply the shock absorber set complete, i.e. consisting of: 2 x gas shock absorbers
2 x compression buffers
2 x dust cover
2 x special holders for dust cover
4 x fixing screws with washers at the bottom
2 x fixing screws with washers and nuts on top

suitable for: all W/S/C124 without sports suspension
not suitable for: all W/S/C124 with sports suspension

Technical Info

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