[Model: w124-tg-h]


support join, rear, W124/201/202/203/210, brand quality

The supporting joint of the rear suspension is also called squeaking bush. The support joint lives up to its name when it has run dry because the grease has leaked due to torn cuffs caused by age. Then every movement of the wheel carrier during compression and rebound is accompanied by an annoying squeaking.

The rear supporting joint can be changed with the rear axle installed, for this purpose an appropriate extraction or press-in tool is required. We lend this tool on request.

A screw passes through the rear support joint, which is secured by a self-locking nut. This self-locking nut (w124-tg-h-sm) is extremely corroded in almost every 124 and is so badly damaged that it cannot be reused. Even in a halfway usable condition the nut should be replaced, because the safety function is no longer guaranteed if it is reused.
Therefore, it is best to order a new self-locking nut for each support joint - this saves time and nerves during reassembly.

Technical Info

mounting position:wheel suspension rear, both sides
suitable for:alle W124, alle W201, W202, W210, W211, W220
reference number:2013520027

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