[Model: w124-sh-4v]


W124-tension lever for E250D / E300D 4-valve engine.
Defects on the belt drive often become noticeable by rattling, rattling or buzzing engine noise. If you repair the belt drive, it makes sense to replace all components, because due to the high mileage they are worn all.

Often it is forgotten to exchange the caps of the tension lever or the tension pulley too. These plastic caps protect the bearings against moisture and dirt. Age-related, they are usually brittle and break during disassembly, if they were not already broken before. Therefore, our recommendation: Do not forget to order the cover for the tension pulley (w124-sr-de) or for tension lever (w124-sh-de) !

Technical Info

reference:OE-Nr: 6062000073
suitable for: W124 E250D, E300D
C-class W202 - C220/250D
E-class W210 - E220D, E250D, E300D, etc

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