[Model: p-97216]


To seal and secure threaded metal screws against gas, water, carbohydrate, oil, liquid gas and other chemicals
● replaces hemp, teflon and compact sealing
● resistant to vibrations
● easy to dismantle
● without thinner
● certified DVGM

Technical Info

data sheet/info

Thermal resistance:-55°C to +180°C
Viscosity:20.000 - 60.000 mPa.s
Gap filling:0.60 mm/4”
Stability:30 - 60 min
Function cohesion:1 - 3 hours
Breaking torsion:8 - 12 N/m
Subsequent torsion:4 - 8 N/m

Use: Thermal and sanitary installations, plumbing, gas, chemical and petrol industry and also for water administration.

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