[Model: td-38-90-set]


If you want to combine tanks, you have to join them.
For this, you have to drill a 50 mm hole at the desired location in the tank side and unmount the blue flange plate.
The multipart thru-hall set td-38-90-set is inserted together with a gasket from the inside through the drilled hole and bolted from the outside with a further seal, the pressure disc and the thin nut.
With the connection at ground level you can combine several tanks professionally, and realize an exterior filling when the filling from the top is not possible due to the lack of space.
The hose nozzle of td-38-90-set matches to our filler hose fs-38, the end of the filler hose can be either connected with another td-38-90-set or td-38-set or the filler neck tank-efs.
If you want to fill several tanks by one filler hose, you can use the Y-connector y-k-38.

This set contains:
1 x tank duct stainless, 90 degrees
1 x pressure disc
1 x thin nut
2 x gaskets

Technical Info

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