[Model: td-10-set]


For special installation situations, an intake from the side or bottom of the tank is required. With the thru-hall hose fitting set in 10 mm a tank intake can be realized at any point.
For this, you have to drill a 13 mm hole at the desired location in the tank and unmount the blue flange plate.
The multipart thru-hall set td-10-set is inserted together with a gasket from the inside through the drilled hole and bolted from the outside with a further seal, the pressure disc and the thin nut.
With the connection at ground level you can combine several tanks professionally and you can make a tank intake from the side or from below.

The hose nozzle of td-10-set matches to our low-pressure hydraulic hose s-kr-10.
For fueling, we recommend the 38 mm thru-hull hose fitting sets td-38-set or td-38-set at the category external fueling.

This set contains:
1 x tank duct stainless
1 x pressure disc
1 x thin nut
2 x gaskets

Technical Info

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