Universal-one-way filter, plastics, 200 µm, 8 mm



Typical use as prefilter in Mercedes-Benz vehicles with row injection pump and
- as standard prefilter for fuel
- for the optical control of fuel purity
- for the protection of fuel pumps
All prefilters are designed to be used IN FRONT of heat exchangers, pumps,etc for protecting all parts of the fuel system.
The assembly of prefilters BEHIND heat exchangers, fuel pumps,etc does not make any sense and can lead to damage of the prefilter.
To this oneway filter fits our hoses s-pa-8/s-kr-8.
Suitable hose clamps are provided in the category "hoses-hose clamps".

Technical Info

weight:20 g
length (over-all):103 mm
diameter:36 mm
connectors:8 mm
nominal mesh size:200 - 300 µm
filter material:plastic tissue

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