[Model: v-vw]


Valve for fk-flach-vw, corr. VW191127247A.
This return valve corresponds to the original part and fits both to the corresponding VW-filter as well as to the fk-flach-vw.
Using the fk-flach-vw and the return valve v-vw and the spring clip v-vw-fkl you get the same functionality as the original fuel filter but you can use the cheaper fitler ff-vw. After changing the filter twice the investment has paid for itself.
The picture in the middle/bottom is an application example showing the combination filter head-valve-spring clip.
At the valve fits our low-pressure hydraulic hose s-kr-6 or the polyamide hose s-pa-6.
The adequate hose clamp is ss-08-12, the appropriate hose fittings are sb-08 for the polyamide hose or sb-12 for the low pressure hydraulic hose.
length: 68 mm, 2 connectors 6 mm, weight: 10 g.

Technical Info

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