[Model: w124-wapu-turbo-oe]


Water pump incl. seal for all W124 turbo-diesel, W210 (E250/300 Turbodiesel), W202 (250 Turbodiesel), G-Klasse, W463, 300/350 Turbodiesel and W140 (300/350 Turbodiesel).

We supply the water pump in OE-quality including seal.

Tip 1: The cooling capacity of the W124 diesel can be improved considerably by mounting a pulley with a smaller diameter (w124-rs-wapu-kl) on the water pump. Due to the smaller circumference, the flow rate of the water pump increases significantly, fluctuations in the coolant temperature are minimized, the vehicle has considerable cooling reserves. Since the original belt pulley of the water pump has to be dismantled for the change of the water pump or for working on the belt tensioner, we recommend the installation of the improved belt pulley without additional work. We believe: for small money and little work, you can get a great improvement.

Tip 2: The water pump for turbo diesels has a large 72 mm impeller and is often used to increase the cooling capacity of suction diesels. When used in a suction diesel, please note that the flange on which the water pump is mounted must be replaced with a flange made of a turbo diesel (A6032010701 or 0801).

Technical Info

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