Universal 3-way ball valve, 3 x 3/8 inch female



The mechanical alternative to the electrical solenoid valves:
3 connections/2-entrance ball valve, brass, ptfe seal, nickel plates temperature-steadily up to 90° Celsius
You can switch the fuel feeding line from Diesel to plant oil bei using this ball valve, plus e.g. the return line from open to short-circuited return line.

For screwed fastenings both for water and for fuel we recommend the thread seal p-85175 or the thread sealing agent p-97216.

Technical Info

material:brass nickel-plated
weight:280 g
length:65 mm
width:54 mm
height:15 mm
connection:3 x 3/8 inch (16.66 mm) female thread
sealing material:PTFE

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