[Model: sw-ent-set-1]


If you suck water or veggie oil out of a tank, the cleanest liquid is near the surface, because dirt particles sink to the bottom. Therefore the floating extraction near the surface is the best way.
The floating extraction makes sure that a quiet suction near the surface takes place. Due to this, nearly no dirt is sucked in and the sediment is not disturbed. The floating extraction is a must for any rainwater tank and vegetable oil tank.
The set for 1 inch hoses with 25 mm inner diameter includes:
- non-return valve 1 inch (rv-1ii)
- threaded nozzle 1 inch (gt-1-1z)
- perforated basket 1 inch with carabiner (sik-rv1-ka)
- floating ball (sw-ent-kugel)

Technical Info

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