fuel injectors

In the field of nozzles we have to clarify the technical terms first.

Nozzle: the nozzle is the main component of the fuel injection system.
Function: it regulates the flow of fuel to the ultimate ignition compartment. The main function of the nozzle is to convert the Diesel into the Diesel vapores and spray it on the piston/into the compustion chamber.
Why should I change the nozzle ? The nozzle is a typical wearing part and does not last longer than 150.000 km. The nozzle has a big influence on the ignition of the engine and the fuel consumption as well. The veggie oil use requires nozzles in perfect condition. Nozzles which you find okay for Diesel use, may not fit to veggie oil use.

Nozzle holder: The assembly of all parts of the injector other than the nozzle is known as the nozzle holder.
Function: the main function of the nozzle holder assembly is to position and hold the fuel injection nozzle in the cylinder head. It also has a passage through which the fuel from the high pressure pipes flows to the nozzle and a second passage for the flow of access fuel from the nozzle away.

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